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I've got Palm TX and as many other users I found that NVFS and DB Cache is piece of junk. It can be just because of implementation in PalmOS. So many people wrote some utilities which can help you keep more free memory in your DB Cache. This is one of them. I've been using OffFlush for a long time, but once I saw a source code and decided to rewrite it. I think that in OffFlush there are some ugly things in sources... I know that there is much better way to get free DB Cache, but currently this program only tries to fill DB Cache. This forces PalmOS to sync everything it can to NVFS and when I free it it remains free. I know that there has to be a way to force PalmOS to sync it to NVFS without filling up whole DB Cache, but currently I need to study more to use it.

So this program tries to free DB Cache when anybody tries to turn your Palm off. You can also free it by using button in this aplication.

Version 1.1 update: Now you can specify on which system events you want to flush your DB Cache. Options are:

  • App start (it means any application)
  • App stop (it means any application)
  • Hotsync
  • Power off

Version 1.2 update:

  • Option to schedule DBCache flush on specific time every day.
  • Better handling of power off.

Version 1.3 update:

  • Option to disable flush after reset.
  • Option to flush only if less then X MB available.

Version 1.3a update:

  • Bug preventing flush on Power Off removed.

Version 1.3b update:

  • Bug preventing manual flush in some cases removed.
  • Bug preventing flush after Hotsync removed.

Version 1.3c update:

  • Everything is off by default now.


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