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In this section you can found some usefull links.


  • FreeBSDhttp://www.FreeBSD.org "Simple and userfriendly" unix operation system. You know - Unix is user-friendly, it's just selective who its friends are ;-) So if you don't like windows like distributions of linux, try FreeBSD ;-)
  • Gentoohttp://www.gentoo.org My favorite linux distribution. Its philosophy is similar to FreeBSD, but it has all advantages of linux - HW support.
  • SourceForgehttp://www.sourceforge.net Server with OpenSource software.


  • Hack&Devhttp://www.hackndev.org This pages are about runing Linux on your Palm.
  • PALMLINKER::COMhttp://www.palmlinker.com It's not about Palm, it's webpage for Palm. It's highly customizable homepage optimalized for viewing on PDA.


  • JHR Galeryhttp://jhr.czweb.org Some really nice pictures ;-)

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