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In this part of my pages you can find my programs. There is no waranty of any kind and if you would like to try them, it's your own risk. But I can tell you that all these programs worked fine on my computer but ;-)

Fractions - Calculator which is using fractions.

Planet Moves - It simulates moves of the planets in universe. Off course, you have to create these planets first ;-)

Scripts - some scripts usefull in dailly life.

Fractions 1.0Frac1.zipUserGuide1.pdf (CZ)Frac1.pas
Fractions 2.0Frac2.zipUserGuide2.pdf (CZ)Frac2.pas/Guide2.pdf (CZ)
Planet MovesSetup.exePlanetMoves.pdf (CZ)PlanetMoves.zip
Preference RemoverPrrm.prc------
XML TreexmltreePage on this siteIt's shell script!

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